In last 45 years, the faculty has made a system of teaching materials for the training program with 25 teaching materials teaching Vietnamese and Speciality; 30 specialized lectures about linguistics, literal and cultural studies and Vietnamese history…

In addition, the faculty, one of greatest research centers, successfully organized four international conferences on Vietnamese language and teaching Vietnamese methodology, together with many other conferences. Only from 2000 to now, the faculty cooperated with Faculty of Vietnamese, University of Social Science and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh city to successfully organize 10 scientific conferences such as: Vietnamese language for foreigners; Vietnamese language and Vietnamese Studies; Vietnamese and teaching methodology; Researching and teaching Vietnamese Studies… The conference memorandums were published as documents for teaching and researching.

Up to now, the staff in faculty published more than 500 scientific articles, finished 50 scientific research project at USSH level and VNU level as well; of those are many top priority projects.