The training mission of Faculty of Vietnamese Studies and Language:

  • Training bachelors of Vietnamese Studies for both Vietnamese students and foreign students – who have demand of researching and understanding of Vietnamese country, people, history, culture …
  • Training Vietnamese language and culture for foreign students who studying in Vietnam as the agreements between Vietnamese government and others.
  • Training Vietnamese language and culture for other foreign students such as undergraduate students, interns, researchers, experts and diplomat staff from the ambassies in Vietnam, staff from economic organizations, busimen…

In more than 40 years of development, with the experienced teaching staff in specility, foreign languages and teaching Vietnamese, the faculty has strength to organize training short – term programs for foreigners, and set examination for certificate of level A,B,C issued by USSH. The faculty also is one of few universities getting permission from Ministry of Education and Training which allows to train Vietnamese for foreign students who are going to study undergraduate in Vietnam Universities.

Apart from the mission of teaching Vietnamese studies and language, the faculty annually open the teaching methodology course for young teachers in the faculty and the others who are interested in teaching Vietnamese language.

From the school year 2009 – 2010 to now, the faculty has enrolled students for the training bachelor program of Vietnamese Studies.

The cooperation programs

The faculty of Vietnamese Studies and Language has cooperated with many foreign universities and organizations such as: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Yun Nan Nationalities University, Quangxi University (China); Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Daito Bunka University, JICA, Vietnam – Japan Friendship Association (Japan); Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Chungwoon University (South Korea); Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), Hobart and William Smith Colleges, CET (America), the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) (University of London) (Great Britain); Victoria University (Australia)…

The faculty organized the cooperative undergraduate programs 3+1 and is going to organize the program 2+2 with Chungwoon University (South Korea).


In 40 years, the faculty, with its continuous attempt, has got a lot of great achievements such as:

From 1968 to now, the faculty has trained more than 7000 foreign students from more than 40 different nationalities, of those are more than 100 bachelors, 8 students were the ambassadors in Hanoi such as Chinese Ambassador: Li Jia Jong, Qi Jian Guo; Russian Ambassador: Kimophep; Rumanian Ambassador: Valeriu; The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Park Ueng Sop; Cuban Ambassador: Phecnandes; and other senior foreign diplomatic staff, professors and Associate Professors, many researchers, translators, and interpreters ….

Especially, the faculty has great achievements in implementing the intenational missions in Laos and Cambodia.

About the training activities for Laos: The faculty trained Vietnamese to more than hundreds of Lao students, of those 6 students graduated as bachelor of Vietnamese Studies and Language. Besides, the faculty also teachs Vietnamese language to 30 junior staff members at National Academy of Public Administration in Hanoi and 50 senior staff members at National Academy of Public Administration in Ho Chi Minh city, of those are members of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and vital senior members in government.

About the training activities for Cambodia: After Cambodia absolutely was free, from 1981 to 1991, there were more than 200 times that the teaching staff members of the faculty was invited to teach Vietnamese in some universities in Cambodia such as: Phnompenh University (now Royal Academy of Cambodia), University of Health Science, Royal Univesity of Law and Economics…

Many teaching staff members in the faculty were invited to teach Vietnamese in many other countries such as America, Sweden, Germany, and South Korea…