Department of Vietnamese Language Studies of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies and Language was established in 1956 when the Faculty of Vietnamese Language had not been established. At that time, it was a department belonging to Faculty of Literature and Language, University of Hanoi. In 1968, when the faculty of Vietnamese Language was established, the department of Vietnamese Language Studies was one of three vital departments of the faculty. Together with the growing up and renaming of the faculty, the responsibilities extended to train bachelors in major of Vietnames Studies for both Vietnamese and foreign students.

The staff members:

  1. Assoc. Prof. Vu Van Thi, the head
  2. Prof. Tran Nhat Chinh, the deputy head
  3. Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Phuc
  4. MA. Dao Van Hung
  5. MA. Pham Thuy Chi

1. Functions and Missions

The department has functions and missions to train the official bachelor of Vietnamese Studies for both Vietnamese and foreign students, train Vietnamese language for foreigners, as well as improve methods of teaching Vietnamese as a second language.

1.1. The bachelor Programs

The department takes responsibility for teaching students majoring Vietnamese Studies (in system of subjects according to the standard output program of USSH in 2012), they are:

  • Basic Vietnamese Language course 1
  • Basic Vietnamese Language course 2
  • Basic Vietnamese Language course 3
  • Specialized Vietnamese Language course 1
  • Specialized Vietnamese Language course 2
  • Specialized Vietnamese Language course 3
  • Vietnamese Pragmatics
  • Vietnamese History

In future, the role of Vietnamese Studies becomes more and more important; the department gradually makes it perfect, stabilizes teaching programs, makes a system of subjects, and as well as researches Vietnamese language teaching methods which are suitable to teaching Vietnamese language in the faculty.

1.2. Teaching Vietnamese for foreigners

With the experience of teaching Vietnamese for foreigners in more than 40 years, the teaching staff in the department needs to guarantee the standard time for bachelor program, and also complete the mission of teaching Vietnamese for students according to the government’s agreements and short – term programs. It is also the important mission of department.

In future, the department will have plan to train the methods of teaching Vietnamese for foreigners to the new teachers and the collegues who are interested in Vietnamese teaching methodology.

2. Science research activities

With the missions of Vietnamese Studies, one the basic science research branches in VNU, the department chooses some deep research scopes including:

  • Researching teaching methods of language skills for foreign students such as: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Researching and making the specialized teaching materials for teaching Vietnamese Studies for foreigners such as: Culture – History, Language – Literature, Economics – Society…
  • Theories of teaching and applying for teaching Vietnamese for foreigners
  • Theories of designing and editing teaching materials…
  • Implementing to write lectures and materials according to the teaching demand of VSL and USSH